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Under the Code of Civil Protection of Ukraine, shelters are considered to be protective buildings. Thus, according to the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine No. 579 ‘On Approval of the requirements for the use and record of the fund of protective buildings of civil protection’ dated 9 July 2018, it must comply with some standards.


  The shelter must meet the requirements regarding:

- temperature and humidity regime;

- levels of some components of air;

- cleanliness.


 The shelter shall be equipped with:

- main and emergency entrances (exits), also access for people with disabilities;

- sleeping platforms and benches for sitting;

- sanitary facilities (including flush toilets or, if such toilets are down, fecal tanks);

- a centralized water supply (or, at least, technical water);

- lighting;

- a diesel power station (for generation of electrical energy should external power sources fail to do so);

- a heating system;

- a fire suppression system;

- a stock of first-aid medicines and medical equipment;

- a necessary supply of food and drinking water;

- an evacuation plan.


Apart from shelters, there are many other kinds of protective buildings that might also be used to protect people against a military threat (for instance, basements, underground car parks etc.).


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