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Restrictions of the working hours (curfew) 


The Ukrainian legislation, both during peacetime and in the event of an armed conflict, allow, with certain exceptions and restrictions, to engage people in night work, i.e. from 10 p.m. till 6 a.m. However, we should bear the curfew in mind.    

The curfew is the special measure which is taken under the martial law to prohibit people to stay in the streets and other public places and vehicles to run unless they have special passes and IDs.   

Region and city military administrations at their own discretion determine the curfew duration and coverage and decide on whether blackouts should be introduced, how to maintain law and order, how public transport should run etc.   

For example, in Kyiv on 3 May 2022 the curfew will last from 22:00 to 05:00. People may not move across the city on foot or by public transport unless they have a special pass. Gasoline stations, drug stores and other institutions will be closed during the curfew.    

Passes are given by military commandant's office to critical infrastructure employees and are valid only within the territory where the curfew is introduced. The critical infrastructure includes facilities which are important for the economy, national security and defense, and the malfunction of which may result in the harm to vital national interests. According to the law, a special Register of Critical Infrastructure Objects (hereinafter - the Register) must be formed for the purpose of coordinating the actions of the subjects of the national critical infrastructure protection system, but as of today such a Register does not exist.   

The working time schedule of other enterprises, institutions and organizations should be set subject to curfew restrictions.   

However, the curfew and special passes do not apply to persons and vehicles of the Armed Forces, State Special Transport Service, National Guard, State Border Guard Service, National Police, Security Service of Ukraine, State Fiscal Service, State Migration Service, State Emergency Service.   


Considering the above, although the law allows enterprises, institutions, and organizations to work at night, their working hours are limited by the curfew which must be born in mind by directors and employees when they carry out their activities.   


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