International Arbitration procedure

(and sessions of UCCI)


The UCCI International Commercial Arbitration Court ("ICAC") has posted on its webpage that the ICAC temporarily suspends its activities due to the declaration of martial law in Ukraine ( 

At the same time, if compared with state court proceedings, arbitration is more flexible. For most arbitral institutions (including the ICAC), electronic document flow and online hearings have been admissible and widespread for a long time. It allows continuing arbitral proceedings under the most difficult conditions. 

Thus, despite the practical difficulties, a person wishing to initiate the arbitral hearing by the ICAC at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (for instance, given the potential expiry of the statute of limitations), has the opportunity to do so in accordance with current arbitration rules. For this purpose, it is required to: 


The parties to the arbitral proceedings that have already been initiated, will be instructed soon as to their further hearings by the ICAC's Secretariate and respective arbitrators in charge of their cases. 


Partner, Head of International Arbitration

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Serhii Uvarov 

Partner, International Arbitration, Cross-Border Litigation